What kind of child were you ?

I was a dirty girl, a very wild one. I grew up among several boys, a band of cousins, always trying not to be a girl too much and to be a princess at the same time. But it soon appeared that I was a girl ! And I had to wear a bra and to dress in a certain way. I always wondered why I have so many people in pants and bras in my choreographic pieces, but surely it is to get back to this childhood feeling of wilderness and freedom.



You are from Naples. What is the best and the worst it offers you?
What Naples offers the best is love ; and the worst is love. In Naples, the positive is the negative at the same time. For example, some days the chaos of Naples is paradise, and some days it is hell. It is also my birth city, for the best and the worst.

How your performance career started?
I never wanted to be anything. Before being a professional dancer, I began performing at local clubs as a go-go dancer on cube boxes. It started in the evenings, and it was crazier than I thought, wearing extravagant costumes with crowns and princess dresses and so on... I became the dream of the night. Then one day the cube turned into a stage and I became a professional contemporary dancer.

What motivates you to keep on performing?
I love to have one foot in another world, in another time that is not exactly reality. I think this is why we have two feet. I like to be able to open the doors of my creativity and my craziness. To open a space where the laws are different. Performing is a big freedom, but there is no freedom without suffering.



Do you hope to inspire others to dance/perform?
Yes, I do. I wish I was just a mirror of the beauty of people

Who inspires you?
There are so many people who are inspiring in the art world. But I like to go back to the first inspiration, which is the state of mind of one of the most ancient modern dancer, Isadora Duncan. She was dancing in nature, with no shoes on, having fun. She was fluid.

Does your psychology affects the way you perform: with your mind, your soul, your body or your heart ?
It's obvious, isn't it !? Psychology affects art, art affects psychology. I used to be a body performer; today I'm more like a human being ! [laughs] From the body through the mind, finding the soul to focus on the heart.

What about any other styles of dance/performing?
I am not looking for styles at the moment. But if I'd like to try something, it would be close to the burlesque, or the lyrical climax of operas, or the fireworks of cabaret. Cabaret shows a personality or a detail, with an emphasis on drama, on kitsch, like a zoom on a movie frame.








How long can you  dance/perform?
You mean if I am not on high heels? I can dance for hours at parties. My best record was non-stop thirteen hours at a French bikini party with my favourite actress, Arianna d'Angiò.




What are some of your goals in terms of performing or life achievement?
For me, a main goal nowadays is to be able to express my creativity by following all different kind of ways. It is maybe a way of losing the idea of myself, of what I was. It is like the story of a body : this body was born, has grown up, each step was its next goal and now it is starting to understand that it is creating the world it is walking in. Then, the achievement is the capacity of imagination to create our own world without ever stopping. For several years now, I have not been C2---Mandala-d'un-voyage---Valeria-Apicella-2013C1---In-Between---Valeria-Apicella-2013able to define myself just as a dancer anymore. The last two years, my team and I have been spending time in creating not only performances but also installations, videos and poetry. It sounds like all this work is already done, but it is not ; it is just starting, and it is like a big explosion in my life and in my vision, maybe also in my body. In my small apartment in Paris, it is like my body is moving between different kinds of expressions, from a wall where I put crazy inscriptions to another where I tattoo motives, writing during the night, watching photos during the day. I feel now like a kaleidoscope, watching the world as a multitude of fragments. And it is very beautiful, light, full of lights, dreams and possibilities. This is the goal for the next 50 years : to keep on becoming art.




How would you be doing with your life if you were not creating performances?
I don't know, that didn't happen luckily. I think I would go mad.

You are a great Yoga master ?
No, I am not. I am just a yoga bear, sweet and straight.

01What does Yoga mean to you?
Yoga for me is the perseverance to purify, and to combine a clear presence with a clear mind. Finding a diamond in between.

What three words define you?
Dirty, Deep & Dumb.

What is your life motto?
Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo.

What is your taste in design?

I love baroque and ancient stuff, but I love to mix them with elements of straight modern designs or architecture like those of Tadao Ando or Mies Van Der Rohe.

You are fond of Bag'n Dath products, why is that?
Because I love simplicity and elegant lines in bags ! And I love soft colours like black and dark red, and Bag'n Dath is a perfect mix of all these qualities.

Currently you are based in Paris, what attracts you in this city?
Paris is big enough to contain my wanderings from arts to the night, to love and...

Finally, do you have any plans for future new work ?
In the very next future, I will create a "work in progress installation". Two bodies creating, in the space, the vibration of existence. And... I will be working with Arianna d'Angiò, and with my best partner Cyril Béghin. And the other news is ... We plan to have a new studio very soon in Paris. You will be welcome !




Brief biography
Valeria Apicella is an Italian born artist, performer, choreographer, classical and contemporary dancer and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher based in Paris. She studied classical and contemporary dance at Mara Fusco, Centro Regionale della Danza and Centro Gabriella Stazio. After that she moved out and started her career in Germany and Amsterdam. Since 1996, she lives in Paris. In 1997 she joined the Paco Dècina Company as performer and collaborator for 13 years. In 1999, she performed as guest for the Carolyn Carlson Isola Danza Company, in the Venice Dance Biennale, and in 2007 for Sasha Waltz in the leading role for the opera “Dido and Aeneas”. Since 2005, she develops her art by mixing the body with sound, writing, pictures. She founded her own company, 3.14, in Paris, mainly producing performances, installations, videos. She also regularly conducts masterclasses, educational projects for bodies (Brazzaville CCF, école Miroir), and yoga classes in Paris.

Main WorksValeria's-wall---2013---photo-copyright-Salvatore-Li-Causi_1

2002  Tiede (installation-performance)
2005  L’assise (choreography)
2006  Adage (performance)
2007  Adage démesuré (choreography)
2009  My flowers (choreography)
2011  Psalm a secret song (choreography)
2011  H.O.P. (photo and video installation)
2011  Lady V. (concert)
2012  Travelling (film and performance)
2013  Golden Room (7 installation)
2013  Elle est là #1, 2, 3 (performances)

And she has done many other works in the past.
For more information, please see contact details.

Yoga and Dance Classes                                   

For more information about Valeria Apicella’s yoga classes and dance classes in Paris and elsewhere, please write to the company :

Coming Projects/Performances

“Elle est là” - performance pieces
January 10th,11th &12th 2014
Teatro Bellini, Naples, Italy












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